New Biscotti Flavors

 Gluten Free Almond Fennel Orange

Our traditional Almond Fennel Orange made with a unique combination of gluten free flours to replicate the delightful crunch of our signature Biscotti

Gluten Free Cocoa Nibs

The earthy chocolate taste of Cocoa Nibs lends itself well to our distinctive gluten free flour combination, a hint of vanilla and of course - the Crunch

Johnnycake Cranberry / Johnny Cranberry

White flint corn - the original style of corn used in Johnnycakes - and tart dried cranberries come together and offer a tasty interplay of hearty corn crunch and a light sweet taste. I'm using two labels - Johnnycake Cranberry The Rhode Island Biscotti in RI and Johnny Cranberry - The New England Biscotti outside RI. This Biscotti is Gluten Free however it is not designated on the label.

These three Biscotti are prepared without gluten. They are not officially certified gluten free.