Our Flavors

Bellicchi's Classic

Italian Almond Biscotti

Based on a centuries old flavor profile, toasted almonds offer a deep nutty taste that’s not too sweet, has a delightful crunch, and is enhanced with pure almond flavor.


Bellicchi's Classic New England Johnnycake Cranberry Biscotti

Cornmeal and New England Cranberries come together and offer a tasty interplay of hearty corn crunch and a light sweet taste.


Bellicchi's Classic
Original Cocoa Crunch Biscotti

Our own pioneering recipe where the earthy flavor of the cocoa bean adds its crunch and nutty chocolate flavor to the Biscotti.


Bellicchi's Classic
Toasted Coconut Biscotti

The flavor of toasted fine flaked unsweetened coconut bursts forth when you bite into our Coconut Biscotti.