About Us

Bellicchi's Best Biscotti: 
A family owned and operated business that gives back to the community

Founder Kathleen Bellicchi

I started my business with my husband Eric. Baking biscotti together with my husband is a cherished memory. Eric was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s and died in October 2013. To honor him and those with loved ones impacted by this disease, I donate monthly to the Alzheimer’s Association. 

With the help of Hope and Main, Rhode Island’s first haven for new food businesses, Bellicchi’s Best Biscotti is part of a movement that will help to grow Rhode Island’s local food economy. Hope and Main’s physical surroundings and personal help and support offer a nurturing environment populated by people passionate about food. 

Bellicchi’s Best Biscotti is prepared with oranges and lemons, cage-free Rhode Island eggs from Little Rhody, King Arthur flour, and Cabot butter from Vermont. I am always looking for locally-sourced ingredients. I source local ingredients and sell at and participate in Farmers Markets and events with a goal of providing quality food at affordable prices for many people. 

We produce four biscotti flavors: Almond Fennel Orange, Cocoa Nibs, White Chocolate Macadamia with Lemon and Johnnycake/Johnny Cranberry. Gluten-free versions of Cocoa Nibs and Almond Fennel Orange Biscotti are also now available! In the development pipeline are savory biscotti, adapting the seasoning of specific holiday times and a limited edition of biscotti holiday flavors. 

Giving Back 

In addition to giving to the Alzheimer's Association, I want to help others who are improving the food community. Having started a food business at home I would like to support others to build successful home food businesses. While there are a profusion of templates and “how to” guides online, I have learned that the best way to move forward successfully is to learn from other people’s (and frequently our own) experiences. 

Building a successful home food business can help people who love to cook find an outlet for sharing their talents; add to a family’s income, grow their business acumen, and help contribute to growing local food economies. And maybe graduating one day to join Hope and Main or another kitchen incubator. 

What to eat when just a little something sweet will hit the mark – Bellicchi’s Best Biscotti is the solution. Pair with coffee, tea, prosecco, grappa, other spirits, or enjoy just the naked Biscotti. If you are serve wine and cheese – spread a soft cheese on our Almond or Jonnycake Cranberry Biscotti – crunchy and creamy textures hit your pallet followed by a savory and lingering light sweet taste – sensational!

The deliciousness is in the taste and the size. Bellicchi’s Best is smaller than most Biscotti and its crunchy - perfect for dunking and snacking. Each bite offers a different taste -- a burst of chocolate, crunch of an almond, the richness of a macadamia nut…

We support the Alzheimer’s Foundation through early diagnosis and care giver support.