My Pitch

Kathleen recently won Second Place in an Entrepreneurship For All pitch competition. Below the photo is her winning pitch.

My Pitch

The problem was… My Husband was disappearing - at 57, Eric was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s.

Me & Eric Nantucket 2007

For years we baked Biscotti for Holidays and Family Events. Eric’s job was to turn the Biscotti on the second bake.

As Eric’s cognitive abilities declined, he could still turn Biscotti. I’d get out the Kitchen Aid, put on John Coltrane. I could steal him back.  For a while it worked!


We baked more Biscotti than we could eat.

Born out of adversity, it sustained and prolonged a loving relationship, AND eventually Birthed a Business.

After Eric died, I built Bellicchi’s Best Biscotti. Truly, a labor of love.

Early Fall Morning – warming the butter… Hope & Main Kitchen B

We provide Solace as much as Solution. AND For Me giving back to the Alzheimer’s association.

OUR Biscotti is what to have when you’d like something to enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea, a glass of wine, or just enjoy the crunch all by itself.

Each bite offers a different taste – a burst of chocolate, the crunch of a toasted almond, a backnote of orange zest… The deliciousness is in the Taste.


Our first customer was Whole Foods.  It was a quick and critical course in merchandising. We went from bulk cookie bin, to the bottom shelf below frosted cookies, to a basket at the coffee bar. The final spot was a winner.

Learning quickly how to reach our customer paved the way to successfully expand our wholesale business while keeping a strong presence at Farmer’s Markets where our margins are maxed.

This two-pronged approach allowed us to scale in our second year and plow profits back into the business.


I will use the funds to attract a qualified baker who can take over all aspects of baking while I focus on sales. 

I LOVE baking Biscotti and every aspect of Biscotti biz.

This strategy will best support our long-term success.

My exit strategy is to have a robust saleable business within three years. I’d be happy to shepherd the new owner and support their success.

I am thrilled to be here with this group of Fab Food Entrepreneurs. Thank you for this opportunity.

My New BF…